May 27, 2024

Alex Verdugo’s inaugural home run as a Yankee couldn’t have been more opportune, especially with his girlfriend Yamille Alcala, who is expecting their third child, in attendance. The trade that brought Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees in December is proving fruitful, as he emerged as a key player in the Yankees’ exhilarating 6-5 victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the 10th inning, Verdugo stepped up to bat with a chance to drive in the runner from second base. Instead of settling for a single, he opted to deliver a powerful two-run homer off Diamondbacks reliever Kevin Ginkel, propelling the Yankees to a 4-2 lead.

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Verdugo’s clutch performance held significant personal significance, especially considering his previous struggles at the plate in the season’s early stages. With a less than stellar start, hitting just 3-21 and with a disappointing .351 OPS in his first six games, Verdugo’s breakthrough against Ginkel, a formidable reliever, was a welcome relief. The impending arrival of his third child adds an extra layer of joy to Verdugo’s accomplishments, fueling his passion on the field.

Reflecting on his pivotal contribution, Verdugo expressed his satisfaction with being able to support his team and contribute offensively. This breakthrough could potentially signal a turning point for Verdugo as he aims to find his stride with his new team. Joining the ranks of fellow outfielders Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, who have also showcased their prowess at the plate for the Yankees this season, Verdugo has the opportunity to further bolster the team’s offensive firepower and solidify his place in the outfield lineup.

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