May 27, 2024

An analyst suggests that the Minnesota Vikings face a crucial decision regarding star wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

As Jefferson has yet to sign a contract extension and appears to be in no rush to do so, NFL analyst Craig Carton believes it’s only a matter of time before Jefferson seeks a new team. Carton argues that the Vikings should consider trading Jefferson sooner rather than later.

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During “The Carton Show,” Carton outlined reasons for the Vikings to part ways with Jefferson, emphasizing that his reluctance to commit to the team is evident by rejecting lucrative contract offers. He speculates that Jefferson could become a prime candidate for a trade either during the NFL Draft or before the trade deadline, especially considering the Vikings’ uncertain future as a competitive football team.

Given the Vikings’ current situation, losing quarterback Kirk Cousins and potentially facing challenges in securing a new franchise-caliber quarterback in the draft, their prospects for immediate success are uncertain. Even if they manage to acquire a new quarterback, it’s uncommon for rookies to immediately excel, and the team has additional gaps to address. While Jefferson is still young, elite players often seek to compete at the highest level, which may not be achievable in Minnesota, at least in the short term.

Ultimately, whether the Vikings opt to trade Jefferson remains uncertain.

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