May 27, 2024

Michael Porter Jr. of the Nuggets has finally spoken out regarding his brother Jontay Porter’s involvement in a gambling investigation initiated by the NBA. While Michael admits he’s not fully informed about the details, he stands by his brother, expressing his belief in Jontay’s integrity. The investigation stems from alleged irregularities in Jontay’s betting activities on NBA games, specifically involving prop bets on games from January 26 and March 20. NBA regulations strictly prohibit players, teams, or league personnel from participating in any form of betting on league games. Teams are equipped with personnel to monitor such activities, and the league employs data analysts to detect anomalies in sports betting.

Michael Porter Jr. says his brother would never risk his love for hoops by  associating with gambling

Jontay Porter, however, has remained silent since news of the investigation surfaced. He has also been absent from recent Raptors games, with the team citing personal reasons for his absence.

Michael Porter Jr. initially chose not to address the media when news of the investigation broke. However, after the Nuggets’ loss to the Phoenix Suns, he made himself available for comment. While he refrained from discussing his brother extensively, he expressed his confidence in Jontay’s character, emphasizing that he finds it unlikely that his brother would jeopardize his career.

Regarding the prevalence of sports betting in today’s world, Michael acknowledged its significant growth and the abundance of advertisements during games. Despite this, he stressed the importance of players adhering to the league’s rules and avoiding involvement in such activities. He acknowledged the temptation but highlighted the responsibility players have to maintain integrity in the sport.

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