May 19, 2024

One NFL analyst has expressed doubts about the suitability of Chase Young’s signing with the New Orleans Saints. While the Saints made a significant move in acquiring defensive end Chase Young during the offseason, not everyone is convinced it’s the right fit. Despite the excitement surrounding Young’s arrival, there are skeptics, particularly considering Young’s recent neck procedure shortly after signing with the team.

NFL Draft 2020: Who Is Chase Young? - The New York Times

Alex Kay, a contributor to Bleacher Report, is among those who believe Young’s fit with the Saints is questionable. In a recent article highlighting five players who may have signed with the wrong team in free agency, Kay singled out Chase Young as the final example. He argues that the deal doesn’t make sense for either party. According to Kay, the Saints may have overpaid for Young, and even if he performs well, the team might struggle to retain him for the long term, rendering the signing somewhat futile given Kay’s view of the Saints’ championship prospects.

Kay’s perspective suggests that the Saints may not be an ideal destination for Young, particularly because he doesn’t see the team as a strong contender in the upcoming season. However, while these points are valid, it might be an exaggeration to claim that the deal is nonsensical for both sides.

Firstly, Young was reportedly seeking a short-term contract to prove himself, which aligns with what the Saints offered him. This aspect alone makes the Saints a suitable landing spot for him. Furthermore, Young will have ample opportunities to showcase his abilities within the Saints’ defensive scheme, potentially benefiting from increased playing time.

Additionally, while some doubt the Saints’ ability to compete in the NFC South, the division’s overall strength is debatable, and the Saints had a strong showing last season, tying for the best record. Recognizing the need for enhancements to vie for the NFC South title, the Saints made moves accordingly. If Young can remain healthy and contribute effectively, his presence could significantly bolster the Saints’ pass rush, making the signing mutually beneficial for both parties.

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