May 19, 2024

Rangers coach Peter Laviolette has long admired Jonathan Quick’s prowess from a distance. However, his appreciation for the veteran goalie has deepened since they became teammates at the New York Rangers this past offseason. Both Laviolette and Quick joined the team during the same period. Laviolette assumed the coaching role on June 13, and shortly thereafter, Quick was signed as the team’s secondary goalie behind Igor Shesterkin.

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Expressing his satisfaction with Quick’s addition to the team, Laviolette described it as “an incredible pickup for us.” This sentiment is further supported by Quick’s remarkable resurgence this season following a dip in form the previous year. Quick’s stellar performance prompted the Rangers to extend his contract on March 3, well before the season’s conclusion. Laviolette is relishing the opportunity to witness firsthand the immense value that the three-time Stanley Cup champion brings to the Rangers.

While Quick’s on-ice achievements are impressive, Laviolette emphasized that working closely with him allows for a deeper understanding of his work ethic and character. Laviolette praised Quick’s dedication and camaraderie, highlighting his positive influence both on and off the ice. Laviolette commended Quick’s professionalism and described him as a “first-class” teammate and individual, qualities that might not have been fully appreciated when coaching against him.

Quick has made an immediate impact with the Rangers, starting his tenure with a stellar 9-0-1 record in his first 10 games of the season. His contributions have been particularly crucial in filling in for Shesterkin during the latter’s absence due to injury and providing support when needed throughout the season. Laviolette noted Quick’s resilience and hard work, evident in his consistent performance in practice and games.

Notably, Quick is on the brink of setting a new record for most wins by a United States-born goalie in NHL history, a milestone that Laviolette believes is a testament to Quick’s relentless determination and dedication to his craft. Laviolette and the Rangers are hopeful that Quick will continue to add to his illustrious career by securing a fourth Stanley Cup championship, further solidifying his legacy as a future Hall-of-Famer.

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