July 23, 2024

The reluctance of Eddie Howe to play Lewis Hall as a left-back in the Premier League stems from concerns about his defensive readiness, as reported by The Athletic. The club is currently focused on transitioning the 19-year-old from a midfielder to a full-back, believing it’s crucial for him to fully grasp the positional nuances before being thrust into top-flight action.

Newcastle transfer news: Lewis Hall completes move from Chelsea in deal  worth up to £35m | Football News | Sky Sports

This stance is intriguing considering Hall’s successful stint at left-back for Chelsea during the 2022/23 season. However, it’s important to note that our team employs a different tactical setup, with the defensively-oriented Dan Burn playing a significant role in our backline over the past couple of years.

In a recent press briefing, Howe emphasized Hall’s importance to the club’s future, defending the limited playing time he’s received. Howe stressed the need for patience in player development, highlighting that progress doesn’t happen overnight but through consistent training and hard work. Despite Hall’s minimal game time, Howe expressed satisfaction with the youngster’s growth and the positive strides he’s made internally, even if they haven’t been widely recognized externally.

The closing remarks from Howe underscore the ongoing efforts to refine Hall’s skills on the training pitch and the club’s confidence in his long-term potential, despite his sparse appearances on the field since the beginning of the year.

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