May 27, 2024

Elliott Management has responded to the Milan investigation, categorically denying the allegation. Despite the sunny skies over Casa Milan during the day, the atmosphere has taken a turn towards stormy as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport and other sources, indicating a raid by financial authorities at the Milan offices to seize relevant documents.

Official: Furlani has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer to succeed  Gazidis, he will start next month | Rossoneri Blog - AC Milan News

The current CEO of Milan, Giorgio Furlani, along with former CEO Ivan Gazidis, is under investigation by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, focusing on the corporate transfer between RedBird and Elliott Management in August 2022.

Esteemed Italian lawyer Felix Raimondo weighed in on the situation, reassuring fans that there’s no reason to fret over potential sporting repercussions resulting from the investigation.

In response to the matter, Elliott Management issued a statement, asserting the falsity of the allegation. They clarified that AC Milan was sold to RedBird on August 31, 2022, and since that date, the Elliott funds have had no equity interest in or control over AC Milan.

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