May 27, 2024

Lamar Jackson had a lighthearted response to the news of Patrick Queen’s move to the Pittsburgh Steelers, showcasing a fun approach to handling free-agency moves. Jackson jokingly declared Queen “dead” to the Ravens, mirroring a playful exchange between former Giants running backs Saquon Barkley and Tiki Barber. This banter stemmed from Barkley’s departure to the Eagles, prompting Barber to humorously disown him, sparking a brief spat.

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Despite the jest, Queen took Jackson’s remark in good spirits, as evident from his response. This isn’t the first time Jackson has bid farewell to a departing teammate with a playful touch. Earlier, safety Geno Stone’s move to the Cincinnati Bengals elicited a similar response.

Despite the departures, Jackson remains optimistic, especially with the addition of Derrick Henry to the Ravens’ offense. While losing quality players like Queen and Stone may sting, the Ravens have viable replacements and remain well-equipped on both offense and defense to contend in the AFC North.

Queen’s departure might be felt, but the Ravens have promising options like Trenton Simpson to fill the void, while their depth at safety, with players like Kyle Hamilton and Marcus Williams, ensures they remain strong defensively. Despite seeing productive defenders join rivals, notably Queen fitting well with the Steelers’ linebacker tradition, the Ravens possess the depth and talent to overcome these losses and remain competitive.

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