May 23, 2024

The New York Yankees are contemplating their next move after a concerning incident on Monday involving their star pitcher, Gerrit Cole, who is awaiting MRI results on his throwing elbow. It remains uncertain whether Cole will require time off due to injury, but speculation is already swirling regarding potential actions the club might take.

Gerrit Cole injury: Where could Yankees turn internally, in free agency,  trade if ace misses significant time? -

One name that has surfaced as a potential option for the Yankees is Dylan Cease, the ace pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post. Heyman noted, “Let’s first see the extent of the Cole concern. If he’s only set back a bit, I certainly wouldn’t insist they go for the marquee man.” Cease, who is earning $8 million this year with another arbitration year ahead, presents an enticing option for the Yankees, particularly considering his relatively affordable contract.

While there have been discussions about the asking price for Cease, teams that have engaged with the White Sox suggest it’s around one and a half times what the Milwaukee Brewers received for Corbin Burnes. Although Burnes is considered superior, Cease’s lower salary and two remaining years make him an appealing target.

At 28 years old, Cease offers a cost-effective alternative compared to pitchers like Blake Snell for the 2024 season. With Cease being the subject of trade rumors for the past year, an injury to Cole could provide the opening the White Sox need to secure their desired return from the Yankees.

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