May 27, 2024

Former New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Malcolm Roach is poised to join the Denver Broncos after spending four seasons with the Saints. The deal, reported by Tom Pelissero, spans two years and could potentially reach $8 million.

Denver Broncos free agency: DL Malcolm Roach signing 2-year contract

Roach, who entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2020, has been a consistent presence for the Saints since his arrival. He has been praised for his contributions both on and off the field, particularly excelling as a run defender. Even when dealing with injuries, Roach maintained a positive impact as a teammate.

The departure of Roach will be felt by the Saints, as his absence leaves a significant void in their defensive lineup. Finding a suitable replacement will be a priority for the team, especially considering Roach’s influence on their run defense. Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen is expected to prioritize strengthening this aspect of the defensive line in response to Roach’s departure.

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