May 20, 2024

The injuries plaguing the Rangers’ pitching staff present a promising opportunity for the Mariners to kick off the season strongly in the AL West. With three of the Rangers’ top four starting pitchers set to begin the season sidelined due to injuries, the Mariners stand to benefit.

Notably, Max Scherzer, Jacob DeGrom, and Tyler Mahle will all be absent from the Rangers’ rotation at the start of the season. Mahle’s absence is particularly significant as he is slated to miss the entire season due to Tommy John surgery. Despite being somewhat underrated, Mahle has been a consistent performer over the past four seasons.

What Does Max Scherzer's Injury Mean for the Mets? | FanGraphs Baseball

The depletion of the Rangers’ pitching staff, especially with Scherzer and DeGrom sidelined possibly until June, leaves a significant void in their rotation. Nathan Eovaldi is now thrust into the role of leading the rotation, followed by Jon Gray, Andrew Heaney, Dane Dunning, and Cody Bradford. However, Eovaldi’s performance declined in the latter part of the previous season, and Gray and Dunning also struggled during certain stretches.

These challenges within the Rangers’ pitching staff create an advantageous scenario for the Mariners to capitalize on. With the Astros also grappling with pitching injuries, the Mariners have a prime opportunity to surge ahead in the division early in the season.

While both the Astros and Rangers possess formidable offenses, their pitching deficiencies may require them to rely heavily on run production. If the Mariners can leverage this situation to start the season strongly, it could pave the way for a successful campaign in the AL West, potentially establishing a commanding lead as the season progresses.

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