May 20, 2024

Braves Update: Ronald Acuña Jr. Nears Comeback Following Simulated Game Appearance

Briefly, Braves enthusiasts feared Ronald Acuña Jr.’s absence from Opening Day. Yet, it seems his return to Spring Training action is imminent. After withdrawing from a Braves game due to a knee discomfort caused by a minor injury during a play against the Twins over a week ago, fans were anxious. Thankfully, subsequent assessments revealed no structural damage, ensuring his readiness for the season opener.

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Despite the positive diagnosis, uncertainty lingered regarding the NL MVP’s return timeline. Even on Tuesday, Acuña Jr. expressed uncertainty about his return, stating, “I’m unsure of when I’ll resume play, but I feel prepared to do so today—I could play daily.”

The Braves have cautiously guided their star player’s recovery, but signs of progress emerged when Acuña Jr. participated in batting practice on Thursday and advanced further on Saturday.

In a simulated game, Acuña Jr. showcased his prowess, possibly hitting a home run, though the exact details remain undisclosed. Although specifics about his at-bats on the practice field are unknown, a snippet circulating on social media displayed his impressive hit.

Once he returns to official games, the Braves anticipate Acuña Jr. to maintain his aggressive style from last season. Manager Brian Snitker emphasized the importance of allowing Acuña Jr. to play freely, saying, “You have to unleash a talent like his and let him excel.”

Despite his participation in the simulated game, there’s still uncertainty surrounding Acuña Jr.’s return date to the lineup. Nevertheless, with over three weeks until the Braves face the Phillies in Philadelphia for Opening Day, there’s ample time for his gradual return.

Fans eagerly await Acuña Jr.’s return to the lineup whenever the Braves deem him fully prepar

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