May 27, 2024

Reasons why the New Orleans Saints should consider re-signing Zack Baun as free agency approaches on March 13th are plentiful. Initially drafted by the Saints in 2020, Baun’s first stint in free agency presents an opportunity for the team to retain him. While he initially served mainly on special teams, his performance saw improvement in 2023. This improvement can be attributed to the adjustment in his usage, mirroring his college role, which bolstered his comfort level. Additionally, with his fourth year in the NFL, Baun adapted better to the professional game’s speed.

Zack Baun doesn't fit the 2022 Saints - Canal Street Chronicles

In the previous season, Baun achieved milestones, securing his first two career sacks while playing on the edge, both occurring late in the season. Notably, his first sack came against the Detroit Lions in Week 12. Furthermore, he intercepted rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud in Week six, marking Stroud’s first career interception. Baun’s contributions extended to 30 total tackles, making 2023 his most impactful season yet.

Baun’s utilization late in the season aligns with the defensive needs of the Saints for the upcoming season. The team favors agile rushers on the edge, a characteristic Baun embodies. Addressing the lack of speed off the edge witnessed in the previous season is crucial for New Orleans to avoid repeating the same shortcomings. Baun’s potential to fill this gap makes him a valuable asset. A potential agreement on a one-year “prove it” deal for the next season could allow Baun to showcase his capabilities and potentially earn a more lucrative contract in 2025.

Throughout his tenure with the Saints spanning four years, Baun amassed 88 total tackles, two sacks, and one interception across 62 games played.

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