May 20, 2024

Zach LaVine is currently in the recovery phase following season-ending surgery, a setback that has been part of the Chicago Bulls’ injury woes this season. LaVine, a crucial player for the Bulls, struggled with on-and-off court appearances before opting for surgery. His absence has been felt by the team, and now his primary focus is on returning to full strength as soon as possible.

Bulls trade update: Zach LaVine faces trade rumors head-on - Chicago  Sun-Times

Bulls head coach Billy Donovan provided an update on LaVine’s status during a media session on Tuesday, revealing that LaVine recently had his cast removed but is still limited in his mobility. The team is assessing when it would be feasible for LaVine to travel with them, considering his recovery process. Donovan emphasized the importance of LaVine’s rehabilitation and indicated that the player has a trusted medical team in Los Angeles, where he underwent knee surgery last year.

While LaVine’s presence with the team during his recovery is valued, Donovan hinted that it may not be consistent throughout the season. Instead, the priority is on ensuring LaVine’s progress in rehabilitation, similar to Lonzo Ball’s approach. Collaboration between the Bulls’ medical staff and LaVine’s team is crucial in facilitating his recovery journey.

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