May 27, 2024

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane remains optimistic about the resolution of Von Miller’s legal issues. With Miller being one of only two defensive ends currently contracted for the upcoming season, the 34-year-old’s availability holds significant weight for the cap-constrained Bills.

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Beane expressed hopes for Miller to replicate his early performance with the team, citing his impressive sack count of 8.0 in around nine or ten games when initially acquired. Miller’s signing in 2022 was aimed at bolstering the Bills’ Super Bowl-ready roster. Despite a promising start, his season was cut short by an ACL tear on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions.

Returning to action in Week 5 of the subsequent season, Miller struggled to regain his form, failing to record a sack in 14 appearances, including playoff games. Beane acknowledged sporadic glimpses of Miller’s past prowess but emphasized the need for consistency and managing his workload due to age-related considerations. Turning 35 in March, Miller’s career boasts an impressive 123.5 sacks since his 2011 draft by the Denver Broncos. However, his off-field legal troubles during the Bills’ bye week last November have added a layer of uncertainty.

Despite denying any wrongdoing related to reported domestic disturbance allegations, Miller’s legal situation remains pending. Beane’s expectation is for this issue to be resolved favorably, allowing Miller to focus on his on-field contributions for the Bills.

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