May 22, 2024

Aaron Judge expressed his enthusiasm for a recent addition to the Yankees team, describing the newcomer as the most astute member among them. Following Judge’s comments last season about the need for improved communication of analytical insights within the team, owner Hal Steinbrenner responded by appointing Aaron Leanhardt to the major league coaching staff as an analyst. Judge spoke positively about Leanhardt’s role, emphasizing his ability to bridge the gap between players and analytical data effectively. He praised Leanhardt’s skill in distilling complex information for the team’s benefit, expressing confidence that his teammates will appreciate his contributions.

Yankees' Aaron Judge poised to make history in the Bronx in home run race -  The Japan Times -

Leanhardt brings an impressive background to his role, holding a Ph.D. in physics from MIT and having served as a physics professor at the University of Michigan for seven years. This marks his seventh season with the Yankees organization.

Judge emphasized Leanhardt’s intelligence, labeling him as the most intellectually gifted individual among their ranks. Judge’s remarks reflect his previous criticisms of the team’s analytics, voiced after a challenging 2023 season. He highlighted the importance of selecting and interpreting the right metrics, suggesting that certain intangible aspects of the game cannot be

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