May 19, 2024

After a standout season in the XFL, former Buffalo Bills quarterback A.J. McCarron is making a return to spring football. McCarron, who impressed with the St. Louis Battlehawks last season, clinching the league MVP title while topping various passing charts, has inked a deal to rejoin the team in the newly merged United Football League.

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McCarron’s football journey has seen its ups and downs. Initially heralded after leading Alabama to consecutive national championships, he faced challenges in the NFL. Following stints as a backup with the Cincinnati Bengals, he briefly joined the Bills in 2018, where he contended for the starting role against rookie Josh Allen before a shoulder injury sidelined him, ultimately leading to a trade to the Oakland Raiders.

After a season-ending ACL injury before the 2021 NFL campaign, McCarron sought opportunities for his three sons to witness him as a starting quarterback. This pursuit brought him to the XFL, where he seized the starting position for the Battlehawks, showcasing his skills and leadership on the field.

Reflecting on his decision to join the XFL, McCarron emphasized his love for the game and the chance to guide a team toward success. Despite his successful stint in the XFL, McCarron remains open to NFL opportunities, although he prioritizes playing over financial gains, indicating a return to the Battlehawks after being released by the Bengals in February.

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