May 19, 2024

Rangers’ Wyatt Langford is making waves at MLB spring training in Surprise, Arizona. Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux returned to the team’s clubhouse after observing a live batting practice session during the first week of spring training. He declared, “I just witnessed the standout player on the field.” This declaration caught the attention of the coaches and other staff members present. Despite the Rangers entering camp as World Series champions with concerns about their starting pitching depth, Maddux’s swift recognition of Langford, a power-hitting outfielder, hinted at the possibility of the team’s offense being even stronger this season.

Evan Carter, Wyatt Langford get to know each other at Rangers' Spring  Training

Langford, a 6-foot-1, 225-pound outfielder, had caught Maddux’s eye despite not being a pitcher. His impressive performance in the minor leagues after being selected by the Rangers in the fourth pick of the 2023 draft had placed him in contention for a spot on the major league roster. According to Texas general manager Chris Young, Langford arrived at spring training with a genuine chance to earn a spot on the team, facing stiff competition from the Rangers’ talented outfield lineup. Despite being considered for a major league debut during the playoffs last year, Langford’s path to regular playing time was hindered by the return of injured outfielder Adolis Garcia, who went on to have a remarkable performance, earning him American League Championship Series MVP honors.

During the postseason, Langford remained with the team as part of the “stay-ready squad,” showcasing his skills during live batting practice sessions. Notable pitchers like Danny Duffy and Max Scherzer were impressed by Langford’s abilities, further cementing his potential. While Langford was considered for a spot in the lineup during the World Series, the Rangers ultimately chose to stick with veteran players due to their experience and the team’s advantageous position in the series.

Despite not making his debut during the playoffs, Langford’s performance and potential were widely acknowledged within the organization. The Rangers view him as a promising prospect whose readiness for the majors will determine his debut. Langford spent the offseason preparing for the upcoming season and has been eager to learn from experienced players in spring training. The Rangers are open to promoting Langford to the major leagues when the time is right, considering both his skills and MLB’s rules regarding rookie players. With coaches recognizing Langford as a standout player, his journey to the majors appears imminent.

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