May 27, 2024

Former Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins reflects on returning to Atlanta for the first time since being traded over the summer after spending six seasons with the team. Collins, who was a key contributor to the Hawks, acknowledges that trade rumors were a constant presence throughout his tenure, despite signing a contract extension. He was ultimately traded to the Utah Jazz in what appeared to be a salary dump move.

Hawks trade big man John Collins to Jazz |

Ahead of his return to Atlanta, Collins expresses a mix of excitement and anticipation, emphasizing his readiness to compete against familiar faces. He appreciates the support he received from Atlanta fans and looks forward to showing his gratitude by putting on a show for them, regardless of his current team.

Regarding the upcoming game against the Jazz, the Hawks face a formidable offensive opponent in Utah, known for their scoring prowess. While Utah’s defensive statistics may not be as impressive, their offensive capabilities pose a challenge for the Hawks. Key players such as Lauri Markkanen, Collin Sexton, and Jordan Clarkson contribute significantly to Utah’s offensive firepower.

Defensively, the Hawks have struggled this season, ranking poorly in points allowed and field goal percentage allowed. They recognize the need to improve defensively to stand a chance against Utah’s potent offense.

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