May 23, 2024

At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Broncos GM George Paton is optimistic about the talent pool in this year’s draft class. Despite concerns about the impact of additional COVID-era eligibility and the rise of NIL money in college football, Paton believes there’s quality talent available, especially in the early rounds.

Denver Broncos depth chart: Starters for 2022 NFL season announced

With the 12th overall pick, Denver is poised to select in the first round for the first time since 2021. While much attention will be on the team’s potential pursuit of a quarterback, Paton asserts that there are 12-15 players they highly value in the draft pool.

While acknowledging the possibility of trading up, Paton suggests it would require significant draft capital, which might not be feasible for the Broncos. As for potential quarterback prospect J.J. McCarthy from Michigan, who’s considered a rising star at the Combine, Paton notes his winning record and talent but remains reserved about their evaluations until the process is complete.

Regarding last year’s draft picks, wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. and linebacker Drew Sanders, there are updates on their progress. Mims, according to Payton, could have seen more offensive opportunities if not for depth concerns. Sanders, who played multiple linebacker positions, may settle into an edge rusher role, given his strong finish in that position. The team remains optimistic about their development moving forward.

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