May 27, 2024

Three emerging talents are poised to shine for the Texas Rangers in the upcoming 2024 season as the team aims to build on their 2023 World Series triumph.

For 21-Year-Old Evan Carter, the Rangers' Playoff Pressure Is the Least of  His Big-League Worries - Sports Illustrated

  1. Evan Carter, outfielder: Making his mark during the Rangers’ championship run last season, 21-year-old outfielder Evan Carter showcased his potential as a vital contributor. After an impressive debut in September, Carter is slated to secure a regular spot in the outfield for the defending champions. With standout performances both defensively and offensively, including a notable postseason display, Carter is a strong contender for the American League Rookie of the Year award. His stellar stats across multiple minor league levels underscore his promise, and he’s expected to become a household name in 2024.
  2. Josh Jung, third base: Despite a brief setback due to a thumb injury in 2023, third baseman Josh Jung emerged as an All-Star in his rookie year, displaying his prowess at the plate. A key figure in the Rangers’ postseason campaign, Jung returned to form with an impressive postseason performance, showcasing his potential as a cornerstone player for the team’s future. With his consistent production and standout abilities, the Texas-born 26-year-old, selected eighth overall in the 2019 MLB Draft, is poised to make a lasting impact, potentially becoming a franchise mainstay.
  3. Wyatt Langford, outfielder: Regarded as one of the top hitters entering the 2023 college season, outfielder Wyatt Langford joined the Rangers as the fourth overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. Despite a limited stint in the minors, Langford’s remarkable offensive output highlighted his potential as a valuable asset for the Rangers. With eye-catching numbers across various minor league levels, including an impressive .360 batting average, Langford is primed to make his MLB debut in 2024. The 22-year-old’s power at the plate and potential for superstardom make him a compelling addition to the Rangers’ lineup, with expectations of delivering significant contributions from the outset of his career.

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