May 20, 2024

Raheem Morris, the current head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, may advocate for signing Kirk Cousins in free agency due to their shared history and Morris’s familiarity with Cousins’ abilities. The Falcons are in the market for a quarterback this offseason and could explore options in the draft, trade market, or free agency. Cousins, a seasoned veteran from the Minnesota Vikings, emerges as one of the top free agents available despite recently recovering from a torn Achilles injury.

QB Kirk Cousins' top free agency landing spots | NFL News, Rankings and  Statistics | PFF

Morris and Cousins have a connection dating back to 2012 when Morris was coaching defensive backs for the Washington team where Cousins began his NFL career. This existing rapport could influence the Falcons’ decision-making process during free agency. While the Falcons may initially prioritize the draft for quarterback prospects, their No. 8 pick position might mean missing out on top choices by the time they’re on the clock. Thus, signing an experienced quarterback like Cousins could be a strategic move for Atlanta’s upcoming season.

Cousins’ recent performance with the Vikings, despite his injury, showcases his potential impact, with solid statistics of 2,331 passing yards, 18 touchdowns, and five interceptions in eight games. Additionally, Cousins has personal ties to Atlanta, having married his wife Julie in the city in 2014. A move to the Falcons would bring him closer to Julie’s family, enhancing his appeal as a potential addition to the team.

While signing Cousins carries some risk, even a modest improvement over the Falcons’ current quarterback options could elevate the team’s chances of reaching the postseason. Considering Cousins’ track record and potential, acquiring him could provide a significant boost to Atlanta’s offensive capabilities.

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