May 26, 2024


Chad Kelly, the former Denver Broncos quarterback, is now embroiled in legal trouble over accusations of harassment brought by a former staff member. The lawsuit, filed in Toronto, alleges that Kelly repeatedly made unwanted romantic advances toward a female strength-and-conditioning coach during his time with the Toronto Argonauts.

Argonauts quarterback Chad Kelly becomes highest-paid CFL player | CBC  Sports

The plaintiff claims that despite her polite refusals, Kelly persisted in his advances, creating a pattern of behavior that made her uncomfortable. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Kelly publicly accused the plaintiff of engaging in romantic relations with another team member, leading to a confrontation marked by aggression and verbal abuse.

Despite the plaintiff’s attempts to address the situation and reports of ongoing harassment, the lawsuit asserts that the Argonauts took no action to remedy the issue. Furthermore, the plaintiff’s contract was not renewed, raising questions about the team’s handling of the matter.

This isn’t the first time Kelly has been involved in controversy, with his NFL career marked by incidents such as a bizarre Halloween party incident during his time with the Broncos. It remains to be seen how his MVP performance in the CFL will factor into his future, especially in light of these serious allegations.

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