May 27, 2024

One analyst suggests that the Green Bay Packers should make a big splash in the free agent market to revamp their secondary this offseason. With veteran safety Darnell Savage likely departing in 2024, ESPN’s Aaron Schatz recommends signing Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ All-Pro Antoine Winfield Jr. as a top-tier replacement to elevate the position.

Re-sign or let go and prediction: Packers free agent S Darnell Savage

Schatz highlights that the Packers’ top three safeties from the previous season are all free agents, leaving an opportunity to refresh the position with young talent. He specifically identifies Winfield Jr., along with other potential targets such as Xavier McKinney, Kyle Dugger, and Jordan Whitehead.

While Winfield Jr. is a prime candidate for the franchise tag by the Buccaneers, his potential availability on the open market presents an enticing opportunity for the Packers. Known for his versatility and impact in both box defending and deep coverage, Winfield Jr. could seamlessly fit into the Packers’ defensive scheme, known for its aggressive pressure tactics.

Financially, however, signing Winfield Jr. could be challenging for the Packers, given their limited cap space of $12.45 million. With Winfield Jr. potentially commanding a hefty contract, the Packers would need to create more spending flexibility to pursue him, especially considering the rising salary cap and the high franchise tag cost for safeties.

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