May 19, 2024

Four Texas Rangers players are under scrutiny as the team enters spring training and looks ahead to finalizing its roster for the upcoming season. These players must perform well to secure their spots on the team.

Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast laughs a lot with reliever Brock Burke -  Jeff Wilson's Texas Rangers Today

  1. Brock Burke: After an impressive 2022 season following his return from shoulder surgery, Burke’s performance declined in 2023. While he remains on the 40-man roster, his place on the Opening Day roster is not assured. Burke needs to improve his effectiveness with his slider and changeup, as hitters capitalized on those pitches last season. Command is another area where Burke must show improvement, particularly in hitting the corners of the plate. His performance during spring training will determine whether he retains his spot or is replaced by younger or non-roster invitee pitchers.
  2. Justin Foscue: A first-round pick in the 2020 MLB draft, Foscue has shown promise as a hitter throughout his career. However, his defensive abilities are in question, and he needs to prove himself against major league pitching. Foscue’s ability to handle himself when behind in the count will be closely observed during spring training. Despite his potential, he must demonstrate improvement in this area to secure a spot on the roster.
  3. Jack Leiter: As a highly-touted prospect, Leiter faces high expectations heading into his third spring training with the Texas Rangers. He needs to deliver positive results to justify the team’s investment in him. Leiter’s ability to pitch deep into games and maintain pitch efficiency will be key areas of focus. Improvement in these areas will enhance his chances of making his MLB debut sooner rather than later.
  4. Cole Winn: Once considered a top prospect, Winn’s stock has plummeted in recent years due to underwhelming performances. He must rediscover the success he had in 2021 to revive his career. Winn’s participation in the Puerto Rican winter league indicates a willingness to improve, but he needs to translate that success into spring training and, ultimately, the majors. Success on the mound is imperative for Winn to secure his future with the team, whether as a starter or in the bullpen.

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