May 19, 2024

Rumor has it that Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton holds a strong interest in quarterback J.J. McCarthy, as suggested by Vikings announcer Paul Allen. Allen, known for his commentary on Minnesota Vikings games, reported hearing from a reliable source that Payton is particularly taken with McCarthy. With the Broncos expected to part ways with veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, speculation about their next move intensifies as the offseason progresses.

Mel Kiper Jr. calls J.J. McCarthy the No. 4 quarterback in 2024 NFL Draft

Allen noted a growing belief among Denver’s local media that Payton is keen on Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy, viewing him as a potential successor to Drew Brees. He emphasized Payton’s apparent eagerness to secure a quarterback in the upcoming draft, suggesting that he would spare no effort to acquire McCarthy if given the chance. Recent reports suggest that McCarthy’s stock may be higher than initially perceived, with some teams ranking him even higher than fourth among quarterback prospects.

Payton’s interest in McCarthy aligns with his preference for quarterbacks with quick processing abilities, similar to those of Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes. McCarthy’s talent and potential, combined with his age, athleticism, arm strength, and untapped skills, make him an intriguing prospect for NFL teams.

However, if the Broncos and Payton intend to secure McCarthy, they may need to maneuver strategically in the draft, as other quarterback-needy teams, such as the Vikings and those picking ahead of them, could also be eyeing McCarthy. While this rumor offers insight into potential draft strategies, it remains speculative until further developments emerge, particularly during and after the NFL Combine.

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