May 23, 2024

If the Denver Broncos are looking to trade Garett Bolles, there appears to be a suitable candidate. The Broncos are facing salary cap constraints, prompting general manager George Paton and head coach Sean Payton to seek both roster improvements and salary shedding this offseason, following their 2023 season which saw them win eight games. While there are several standout players on the team, some may be on the move to alleviate the financial strain.

Garett Bolles thrives the power of love and being given a chance

One such player is starting left tackle Garett Bolles, who has been a fixture in the Broncos lineup since being drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. With 99 games under his belt for the Broncos, the question arises: Could his time in Denver be coming to an end? Bolles still has one season remaining on his four-year, $68 million extension signed in 2022, which carries a hefty $20 million cap hit for the upcoming season.

With Denver already projected to be $25 million over the cap, and facing an additional $80 million hit for cutting Russell Wilson, significant financial maneuvering is necessary. Bleacher Report has proposed a scenario where the Tennessee Titans capitalize on Denver’s predicament by acquiring Bolles. At 31 years old, Bolles would provide immediate stability for a team transitioning to a younger quarterback. The Titans could potentially retain their first-round pick by offering Denver the 38th overall pick in the second round. This would allow the Titans to address their need for an offensive weapon while utilizing their ample cap space to fill the tackle position. Not only would this trade be significant in a rebuilding phase, but it would also provide Denver with $16 million in cap relief.

This proposal is just one of several scenarios mentioned in the story, including Denver’s involvement in a potential major trade with the 49ers, as a landing spot for Taysom Hill, and the possibility of trading Wilson to alleviate the cap burden entirely.

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