May 19, 2024

A former pitching star for the Atlanta Braves has provided an update on his recovery progress following surgery. Notably remembered for his pivotal role in Game 3 of the 2021 World Series, Ian Anderson’s return to the mound for the Braves in the upcoming 2024 season seems unlikely as he continues to recuperate from Tommy John surgery.

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Anderson’s need for surgery became apparent after a challenging 2022 season and struggles during the 2023 Spring Training, where he grappled with loss of command and effectiveness on the field. The decision for surgery shed light on the reasons behind his performance decline, offering clarity to fans.

Despite the setback, Anderson shared positive updates on his rehabilitation journey during Spring Training. While refraining from specifying a precise return date, he expressed optimism about a potential mid-summer comeback, as reported by Braves insider David O’Brien. Such progress hints at the possibility of Anderson becoming a valuable depth option for the Braves later in the season, should the need arise.

However, relying on Anderson for immediate contributions could signal unexpected challenges within the Braves’ pitching rotation. It’s likely that the team aims to prioritize Anderson’s long-term recovery and readiness, potentially delaying his return to Major League action until the latter part of the year or even the following season.

Anderson has reportedly made adjustments to his pitching mechanics, including lowering his arm angle, which he believes will enhance his delivery’s deception and competitive edge. This development sparks optimism for his eventual return to the level of performance that marked his standout moments, such as his notable no-hit performance in the 2021 World Series. Notably, Anderson boasts an impressive 1.26 ERA across eight postseason starts in his career.

With Anderson’s talent evident from his strong showings in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Braves fans hope for a return to that form, rather than a repeat of his struggles in 2022, where he posted a higher ERA over fewer starts. The Braves organization anticipates Anderson’s rehabilitation will restore his confidence and provide them with another formidable option for their pitching roster.

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