May 22, 2024

Greg Penner faces a crucial decision: asserting authority. With a looming deadline, the Denver Broncos must determine Russell Wilson’s future, a move with significant ramifications. Wilson’s contract includes a hefty sum guaranteed if he remains on the roster beyond a certain date. Despite Denver’s struggles and Wilson’s recent benching, indications suggest a parting of ways.

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However, cutting Wilson entails substantial financial repercussions, including a staggering dead cap hit over two seasons. Such a move would severely hinder the team’s flexibility and compound existing salary cap challenges. This underscores the importance of prudent decision-making.

While owners typically delegate football matters, there are moments when their intervention becomes imperative. Penner, having invested heavily in Wilson and head coach Sean Payton, must assert control. He facilitated major deals to acquire both, emphasizing his stake in their success.

The Broncos paid a steep price for Wilson and Payton, but they must now ensure a return on investment. Collaboration between Wilson and Payton offers the best chance for success. Despite Wilson’s mixed performance, alternatives are limited, with uncertainties in the draft and free agency.

Acknowledging ego and pride as potential obstacles, Penner must intervene to steer the team in the right direction. Building on past successes and addressing roster needs can propel the Broncos forward. Penner must assert his authority, demonstrating decisive leadership for the team’s future success.

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