May 22, 2024

Texas Rangers Spring Training Update: David Robertson Assumes Role as His Own Agent

In a departure from the conventional norm of professional athletes being represented by agents, Texas Rangers reliever David Robertson has taken on the responsibility of negotiating his contracts since 2019. The veteran pitcher, who recently signed a one-year, $10 million deal with the Rangers as a free agent, personally handled discussions with general manager Chris Young.

Rangers reach 1-year deal with David Robertson - ESPN

Robertson’s decision to represent himself originated in 2019 when he signed a one-year contract with the Phillies. Despite facing challenges like Tommy John surgery, which sidelined him for much of 2020 and 2021, Robertson has navigated his career path independently. His journey took him through various teams, including the Rays, Cubs, Phillies, Mets, and Marlins, before landing with the Rangers this offseason.

Speaking on his approach, Robertson highlighted the advantages of engaging in candid conversations directly with team management, allowing for a more personalized and transparent negotiation process. He emphasized the simplicity of his contract negotiations, bypassing the need for legal representation and agent fees.

In jest, Robertson humorously noted that while he may not incur agent fees, his wife jokingly claims a 50% share in his negotiations. Despite the lighthearted remark, Robertson expressed genuine enjoyment in managing his own affairs, citing the satisfaction of taking full accountability for his decisions.

The Rangers, including pitcher Max Scherzer, have praised Robertson’s positive attitude and professionalism, viewing him as a valuable addition to the team. As the Rangers’ full squad convenes for spring training, anticipation builds for live batting practice sessions and the start of Cactus League play against the Royals on Friday.

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