May 19, 2024

To maintain competitiveness, the New Orleans Saints face critical decisions on which players to retain this offseason. Despite a disappointing 9-8 season, they must manage their salary cap while strengthening the team for future success. With a considerable number of free agents, the Saints must carefully select who to re-sign. Here are three players they should prioritize:

New Orleans Saints re-sign cornerback Isaac Yiadom to one-year contract

  1. Isaac Yiadom, Cornerback: Yiadom proved himself as a valuable asset last season, especially in the absence of Marshon Lattimore. His contributions, including 11 pass breakups and solid defensive performance, were instrumental. Considering the uncertainty surrounding Lattimore’s future, re-signing Yiadom would provide stability to the cornerback position.
  2. Jameis Winston, Quarterback: Despite some uncertainty stemming from a controversial play call, Winston remains a beloved figure in New Orleans. His connection with the city and his positive impact in the locker room make him a desirable asset. While not a starter, Winston’s presence would offer valuable depth at the quarterback position, earning him favor among fans and teammates alike.
  3. Keith Kirkwood, Wide Receiver: Kirkwood may not boast impressive stats, but his versatility and willingness to block make him a valuable asset, particularly in the context of the Saints’ offensive system under new coordinator Klint Kubiak. With an emphasis on improving the run game, Kirkwood’s role as a blocker could prove crucial. Additionally, his return would be cost-effective for the team.

By re-signing these three players, the Saints can bolster their roster strategically, addressing key positions while managing their resources effectively.

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