May 23, 2024

A prominent New England Patriots player is already suggesting the recruitment of a former teammate from the Baltimore Ravens, cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who could potentially become available due to salary cap considerations. While cornerback isn’t a pressing need for the Patriots in the upcoming offseason, assuming the return of Christian Gonzalez from injury, and with Jonathan Jones and potentially re-signing nickel corner Myles Bryant, there’s still concern about the depth of the unit.

Why the NFL's Marlon Humphrey is moving back in with his parents

Matthew Judon, the star linebacker, responded to speculation on Twitter that the Ravens might release Humphrey, suggesting that the Patriots could pursue him and even offering him the No. 44 jersey, which he previously wore with the Ravens. However, before the Patriots could pursue Humphrey, the Ravens would need to decide whether to release him to alleviate their salary cap burden. Humphrey, who signed a lucrative contract extension in 2020, missed several games in the previous season due to various injuries.

While Humphrey, a three-time Pro Bowl player with an impressive track record, would undoubtedly attract interest from several teams if he became a free agent, Judon is already attempting to recruit him based on their prior experience playing together in Baltimore.

Despite having significant cap space, estimated around $70 million, the Patriots have numerous areas to address in free agency, including the offensive line, quarterback, wide receiver, and potentially retaining tight end Hunter Henry. Therefore, while Humphrey would be a valuable addition, the Patriots must carefully allocate their resources to address multiple needs.

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