May 22, 2024

A former Denver Broncos quarterback is touting Sam Darnold as a legitimate contender for a starting quarterback role. Given the constraints of the Denver Broncos’ salary cap situation, there might be a need to seek out a quarterback reclamation project this offseason. The attempt by Broncos head coach Sean Payton to fully restore quarterback Russell Wilson’s unique skill set in 2023 could be seen as mostly unsuccessful.

Far Removed From New York Jets, Sam Darnold Makes Super Bowl - Sports  Illustrated New York Jets News, Analysis and More

Now facing pressure due to the deal orchestrated by GM George Paton to acquire Wilson, Payton cannot afford to be passive; he must think outside the box. While finding a suitable quarterback after moving on from Wilson is challenging, Payton might consider Sam Darnold, currently a backup for the San Francisco 49ers, who could be on a path to redemption under the mentorship of his quarterback coach, Brian Griese.

Griese has spoken highly of Darnold’s talent and dedication to improvement, emphasizing his willingness to learn and adapt within the system. Darnold’s decision to take a step back and reevaluate his approach to the game, with guidance from Griese, has shown promising results.

With Griese’s track record of success, particularly evident in his work with other quarterbacks like Brock Purdy, Darnold has regained confidence and leadership qualities, making him a viable candidate for a starting role once again. While Darnold’s future destination remains uncertain, the possibility of him landing in Denver is not ruled out. Only time will reveal his next career move.

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