May 27, 2024

The Atlanta Hawks are poised to make a pivotal decision regarding their backcourt in the upcoming 2024 offseason. According to Shams Charania, the team is considering choosing between their current franchise point guard, Trae Young, and his backcourt companion, Dejounte Murray.

Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young and Dejounte Murray look deadly so far -

After years of speculation and rumors surrounding Young’s future with the team, the Hawks are contemplating a potential breakup of their star duo to address the struggles of their roster. Despite initially having high expectations after pairing Young and Murray less than two years ago, the team has faced ongoing challenges and remained stagnant in their performance.

With the possibility of a trade looming, the Hawks must weigh the pros and cons of each scenario. Trading Young could result in a significant return for the team but would also mean losing their identity and primary playmaker. On the other hand, retaining Murray would provide stability but might not yield as lucrative of a trade package.

Various teams, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and San Antonio Spurs, have been mentioned as potential landing spots for either Young or Murray, indicating a robust market for their services. Ultimately, the Hawks’ decision will shape their future trajectory and could have ripple effects on the NBA landscape.

As the offseason approaches, teams are preparing to pursue either Young or Murray, while the Hawks must carefully consider their options to determine the best path forward for their basketball franchise.

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