May 19, 2024

Brian Snitker discusses the eagerly anticipated return of Tyler Matzek from injury, offering Braves fans a reason to be excited for the upcoming season.

Matzek’s journey in baseball has been marked by twists and turns, from being a high draft pick by the Colorado Rockies to struggling with control issues that led to his release. However, he rediscovered his passion for the game while playing for the Texas AirHogs in the Independent League, eventually earning a contract with the Braves in 2019.

Tyler Matzek's Journey From the AirHogs to the Atlanta Braves - The New  York Times

Since then, Matzek has become a vital part of the Braves bullpen, earning a spot on the Opening Day roster in 2020 and contributing significantly during the team’s 2021 World Series campaign. Unfortunately, his progress was interrupted by the need for Tommy John surgery just before the postseason in 2022.

Despite his injury, Matzek’s presence in the clubhouse and his witty remarks on Twitter have made him a beloved figure among fans and teammates alike. As the Braves gather for Spring Training in North Port, Florida, Snitker expresses his anticipation for Matzek’s return to the mound and hopes for him to regain his dominant form as one of the league’s top left-handed relievers.

The time off due to injury may have provided Matzek with the opportunity to address not only his elbow but also other lingering issues that had affected his performance. Snitker acknowledges the possibility that Matzek could return even stronger following his extended absence, but the exact outcome remains uncertain for both Matzek and the team.

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