May 22, 2024

Potential targets for the Nuggets to pursue from the buyout market after the 2024 NBA trade deadline. With their sights set on defending their championship title, the Denver Nuggets chose to maintain their roster during the trade deadline, directing their attention towards bolstering their rotation for the upcoming postseason.

Despite standing as favorites in the Western Conference with the exceptional talents of Nikola Jokic leading a formidable lineup including Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the Nuggets acknowledge the need to address depth concerns, particularly following the departures of Bruce Brown and Jeff Green in the offseason. Restricted by salary cap limitations, the Nuggets are compelled to seek solutions in the buyout market, where their options remain constrained due to their position above the tax apron, prohibiting signings exceeding the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception threshold of $12.4 million.

Danilo Gallinari opens up on being traded by Celtics - CelticsBlog

Nonetheless, there are still viable candidates for Denver to consider. Here are three buyout prospects the reigning champions should pursue post the 2024 NBA trade deadline:

  1. Danilo Gallinari: The experienced forward recently became a free agent following his release from the Detroit Pistons. Gallinari’s previous stint with the Nuggets from 2011 to 2017 could facilitate a reunion, offering Denver a seasoned contributor capable of providing scoring prowess off the bench, albeit with a slight decline in athleticism. With his ability to play as a backup at the power forward or center positions, Gallinari could offer valuable size and floor spacing, crucial for the Nuggets’ depth.
  2. Otto Porter Jr.: Although currently with the Utah Jazz following a trade from the Toronto Raptors, Porter could emerge as a buyout target for Denver. Despite recent injury setbacks, Porter’s past performances, notably during the Golden State Warriors’ 2022 NBA championship run, underscore his potential impact as a versatile wing. If made available, Porter could replicate Jeff Green’s role as a reliable perimeter shooter, fortifying the Nuggets’ offensive arsenal.
  3. Danuel House Jr.: Acquired by the Detroit Pistons from the Philadelphia 76ers before subsequently being waived, House presents a viable option for Denver’s wing depth. While he may not entirely replicate Bruce Brown’s contributions, House’s proficiency as a 3-and-D player could complement the Nuggets’ defensive strategy. With prior experience in consistent rotational roles, House offers stability and defensive versatility, valuable assets for a championship-contending team.

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