July 15, 2024

The Milwaukee Brewers, known for their proactive approach to trading star players before free agency, have engaged in a significant transaction with the Texas Rangers, acquiring three players. With Josh Hader traded in 2022 and Corbin Burnes recently, attention now turns to Willy Adames, in his final year under team control, and Devin Williams, with two years remaining, as potential trade assets. Reflecting on past trades, when Hader was moved with a year and a half of team control left, the Brewers received two prospects, a short tenure of reliever Taylor Rogers, and Dinelson Lamet, who was designated for assignment soon after.

3 Texas Rangers players who could be traded before Opening Day

In contrast, the recent Burnes trade with the Orioles yielded left-handed pitcher DL Hall, infielder Joey Ortiz, and the 34th overall pick in the 2024 MLB draft, providing long-term stability for Milwaukee until 2030 and additional draft resources. With Devin Williams possessing two years of control, speculation arises about potential returns for him. A proposed trade with the Texas Rangers involves:

Rangers receive: RHP Devin Williams Brewers receive: RHP Brock Porter (4), RHP Marc Church (19), RHP Emiliano Teodo (22)

In this suggested exchange, the Brewers secure three promising pitching prospects, with Porter and Teodo identified as starters and Church as a reliever. While none have made their MLB debut, Church’s inclusion on the Rangers’ 40-man roster this off-season underscores his potential. Notably, all three exhibit impressive strikeout rates, with Porter recording 95 strikeouts in 69 innings pitched in 2022, Church boasting consistently high K:9 ratios, and Teodo showcasing an electrifying arm capable of hitting 103 MPH.

Despite financial constraints for Texas, Williams’ existing contract offers stability as a closer for the next two years, while Milwaukee benefits from replenishing their farm system with promising talent. Although Church may be the most MLB-ready, the upside potential of Porter and Teodo presents long-term value for the Brewers.

In summary, this trade aligns with both teams’ objectives, with the Rangers acquiring a reliable closer and the Brewers fortifying their pitching pipeline for future success.

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