May 27, 2024

Raheem Morris cited several reasons for choosing the Falcons over other coaching opportunities. In every hiring cycle, candidates are scrutinized based on their experience, leadership qualities, and ability to fit into the organization’s culture. While offensive play callers are highly sought-after in today’s NFL, Morris understood the importance of personality, leadership, and the ability to function as a CEO in making successful hires and building a winning team.

Updated Falcons 53-man roster, practice squad, IR list

Morris checked all the necessary boxes. He’s widely regarded as highly likable and possesses strong relationships within the league, which will aid in hiring top assistants and attracting free agents. His introductory press conference showcased his genuine energy and transparency, instilling belief in fans without coming across as insincere.

However, the decision was mutual. Morris also had to consider what the Falcons had to offer. Atlanta’s appeal extends beyond football, with a great quality of life and attractive suburbs for families. Additionally, owner Arthur Blank’s patience and commitment to providing resources for success were enticing factors. On the football side, the Falcons boast a talented roster with young stars like Jessie Bates III, A.J. Terrell, Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Chris Lindstrom, along with valuable draft picks and cap space.

Ultimately, what stood out to Morris was the people. In an exclusive interview with Fox 5’s D.J. Shockley, Morris emphasized that it was the people of Atlanta that made the opportunity feel right.

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