July 15, 2024

Titans Defensive Tackle Jeffery Simmons Places Trust in Brian Callahan and Ran Carthon

Establishing trust and gaining buy-in from the team is crucial for any new coach or executive stepping into a leadership role. Jeffery Simmons’ response to Brian Callahan taking over from Mike Vrabel as coach indicates a positive beginning for the Tennessee Titans under their new leadership duo of Callahan and executive vice president/general manager, Ran Carthon. In an interview with Jim Wyatt from tennesseetitans.com, Simmons acknowledged his strong relationship with Vrabel while expressing optimism about the future with Callahan.

Jeffery Simmons played 21 snaps in his Titans debut - Music City Miracles

Simmons highlighted the importance of reestablishing the team’s identity in the upcoming season and conveyed his confidence in Callahan’s readiness and determination to succeed. As one of the team leaders, Simmons emphasized his role in rallying his teammates to embrace Callahan and Carthon’s vision for the team.

Simmons stressed the importance of unity in the locker room, emphasizing that commitment to the new coaching staff’s philosophy is essential for success. He emphasized his responsibility as a captain and leader to uphold team cohesion and ensure everyone is on board with the new direction.

Additionally, Simmons praised Carthon’s leadership qualities, expressing respect for his decision-making and track record of success. He conveyed confidence in Carthon’s ability to guide the team towards achieving its goals based on his experiences with him.

In related news, Tee Higgins, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals and former protege of Callahan, expressed openness to the idea of playing for the Titans, citing the appeal of reuniting with his former coach. Meanwhile, Titans quarterback Will Levis expressed excitement about working with Callahan and offensive coordinator Nick Holz, recognizing their expertise in developing passing game strategies. Furthermore, the Titans added Bo Hardegree as quarterbacks coach, and there are expectations that former Titans coach Mike Vrabel may assist his college roommate, Luke Fickell, in some capacity at the University of Wisconsin.

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