May 26, 2024

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revisited the controversy surrounding his comment involving Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. Rodgers clarified that his statement was taken out of context and emphasized that he wouldn’t make such a serious accusation lightly. This echoes his previous response to Kimmel’s strong reaction.

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In an earlier interview on Pat McAfee’s show, Rodgers attempted to explain his original statement that sparked Kimmel’s anger. He clarified that he wasn’t suggesting Kimmel’s involvement without evidence and expressed a belief that those connected to Epstein should face scrutiny, particularly if they visited his island.

Rodgers and Kimmel have not met in person since their dispute began in 2021, initially over Rodgers’ stance on COVID-19 vaccines. While there’s potential for further disagreements, there’s also hope that they can resolve their differences amicably.

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