May 27, 2024

Analyzing Bracketology: Assessing Texas’ Odds of Returning to NCAA Tournament

With just nine conference games left and Texas basketball holding a 4–5 record, the pivotal question emerges: Can Texas secure a spot in the NCAA tournament?

The NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball Committee selects 68 Division 1 teams for the March Madness bracket. Thirty-two teams earn automatic bids by winning their conference championships, leaving 36 spots for “at-large” selections. These teams impress the committee, demonstrating their worthiness regardless of potential conference victories.

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Following initial team selections, the committee designates the top eight teams, with the four highest becoming No. 1 seeds. This ranking cascades down until each team receives a seed from 1 to 16, and the bracket is divided into four regions.

Reviewing last year’s Big 12 selections provides insight. Seven Big 12 schools made the bracket, with Kansas and Houston securing No. 1 seeds due to strong conference records. Texas, with a 12–6 conference record, claimed a No. 2 seed as the Big 12 Championship winner. Other teams like Kansas State and Baylor held No. 3 seeds, while Iowa State and TCU were ranked No. 6 with .500 records.

Comparing Texas to last year’s Iowa State and TCU, who finished with .500 records, Texas needs just five more wins to match their tally. Given their victories over ranked opponents this season, Texas appears poised for inclusion in the 2024 bracket.

Despite underperforming compared to last year, Texas faces challenging matchups ahead, notably against Houston and Baylor on the road. Jerry Palm of CBS Sports, a Bracketology expert, updates bracket predictions frequently, reflecting the dynamic nature of the tournament picture. Texas recently climbed to Palm’s No. 8 seed after defeating No. 25 TCU, illustrating the bracket’s volatility.

While uncertainty looms over Texas’ tournament prospects, its past success suggests potential. As Texas navigates its final nine conference games, only time will reveal its fate.

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