May 27, 2024

“Peyton Manning praised the Philadelphia Eagles for their recent addition of Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator, emphasizing his positive outlook on the move. Manning, a Hall of Fame quarterback, shared his thoughts with the media at the Pro Bowl, expressing his familiarity with Moore since college.

Peyton Manning on rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson: 'The more reps he  gets, the better he'll be' | Fox 59

Manning commended Moore’s skills as a play-caller and anticipated a positive impact on Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts. Manning highlighted the importance of collaboration between Moore and head coach Nick Sirianni, suggesting a potential fusion of their respective strategies. The legendary quarterback sees the hiring as a favorable development for the Eagles, emphasizing the need to focus on tailoring the offensive approach around Hurts. Moore, known for his quarterback-friendly approach, brings valuable experience to the role, and Manning’s endorsement adds significant weight to the assessment. While the ultimate impact of Moore’s hiring remains to be seen, Manning’s approval stands as a notable endorsement within the NFL.”

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