May 22, 2024

The Denver Broncos are exploring the possibility of trading their veteran safety, Justin Simmons, in the upcoming offseason to address their financial challenges and revamp their roster. Despite the NFL offseason not officially commencing, there is widespread speculation about the strategic moves each franchise might make.

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The Denver Broncos concluded the 2023 season with a disappointing 8-9 record, missing out on the AFC playoff picture. To reshape the roster and create financial flexibility, tough decisions need to be made, especially considering the team’s bottom-five ranking in league salary cap at over -$23 million.

Justin Simmons, despite coming off a stellar season with All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors, is being considered as a trade asset. Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report suggests a trade proposal that involves sending Simmons to the Detroit Lions for significant cap relief. The Lions, with the seventh-highest available cap space at $47 million, could absorb Simmons’ $18.2 million deal and benefit from his All-Pro caliber skills to bolster their defense.

The trade proposal also mentions the potential acquisition of additional draft capital by the Broncos from the Lions, a move that could offer Denver more flexibility in the upcoming draft. With the Broncos currently limited to six selections and lacking a second-round pick, infusing new talent becomes crucial for the team’s rejuvenation.

While it may be challenging to envision the Broncos without Simmons, who has been a key part of their defense for eight seasons, the team is exploring all avenues to return to Super Bowl contention. The proposed trade scenario highlights the difficult decisions teams face in balancing financial constraints and roster enhancement in the pursuit of success.

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