May 27, 2024

Peyton Manning Reiterates Praise for Titans Coach Brian Callahan at Pro Bowl

Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, who collaborated with newly appointed Tennessee Titans coach Brian Callahan during their four-season stint with the Denver Broncos, continues to express admiration for Callahan and Titans running back Derrick Henry. Speaking to Jim Wyatt of ahead of coaching against his brother Eli Manning in the Pro Bowl, Manning lauded Callahan’s work ethic, intelligence, and extensive experience gained from various coaching environments.

Tennessee Titans appoint Brian Callahan as head coach | CNN

According to Manning, Callahan’s dedication and persistence, evident in late-night film breakdown sessions during their time in Denver, have shaped his coaching approach. Manning emphasized that Callahan has earned the opportunity to lead the Titans, praising his commitment to hard work and expressing confidence in his ability to assemble a strong coaching staff.

Manning also highlighted the potential synergy between Callahan and Derrick Henry, acknowledging their mutual appreciation for a robust running game. While recognizing the business aspect of player decisions, Manning conveyed his belief that Callahan and Henry would complement each other well. The Titans have publicly expressed their openness to welcoming Henry back, with Callahan emphasizing the running back’s significance and impact on the franchise.

In Manning’s words, “Brian Callahan would love Derrick Henry, and vice versa.” As the Titans navigate the offseason and consider their free agents, including Henry, Manning’s endorsement adds weight to the potential collaboration between Callahan and the standout running back.

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