May 19, 2024

CBS Sports Evaluates Falcons’ Choice of Raheem Morris as Head Coach

The Atlanta Falcons’ decision to hire Raheem Morris as their head coach has garnered widespread praise within the NFL community. However, CBS Sports, while acknowledging the universal acclaim, has given the Falcons a B grade for this coaching hire.

Falcons hire Raheem Morris as head coach despite interviewing Bill  Belichick twice | Fox News

Initially, there were expectations that owner Arthur Blank would pursue Bill Belichick for the head coaching position. The shift in this expectation came when Blank realized the considerable power Belichick would wield as the head coach. The surprise hires across the league included Dan Quinn landing the job in Washington, Antonio Pierce losing the interim tag with the Raiders, and John Harbaugh’s anticipated match with the Chargers. Additionally, the Falcons will face Dave Canales, the former Buccaneers offensive coordinator, as the new Panthers head coach.

Ultimately, the Falcons opted for Raheem Morris, a move met with universal praise. However, CBS Sports gave the hire a B grade, expressing a more reserved opinion compared to the widespread acclaim. Morris returns

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