May 27, 2024

Texans have successfully retained crucial offensive coaches, reminiscent of a recent NFL success story. Bobby Slowik, the offensive coordinator, and Jerrod Johnson, the quarterbacks coach, were highly sought-after coaching candidates in the offseason, with Slowik even considered for a head coaching position and Johnson for an offensive coordinator role.

Texans OC Bobby Slowik staying with Houston on new deal

Reports indicate that Slowik secured a substantial raise in his deal with the Texans, and Johnson followed suit with a similar agreement, despite the possibility of both leaving. Head coach DeMeco Ryans now has the valuable continuity of his key offensive coaches for another season, enhancing the development of quarterback C.J. Stroud.

This scenario mirrors the situation with Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, who, for the past two seasons, withdrew his name from consideration for a head coaching position. Johnson’s decision to stay with the Lions proved beneficial, as his offense performed exceptionally well, achieving notable success in terms of points per game and securing a playoff victory.

Both Slowik and Johnson express their commitment to their respective teams, emphasizing their belief in the organizational direction and the positive impact of their head coaches. Slowik, a finalist for AP’s Assistant Coach of the Year award, praises the influence of head coach Ryans on the Texans’ performance and team dynamics.

The parallels between Johnson’s decision to stay with the Lions and Slowik’s commitment to the Texans suggest that continuity and belief in the team’s direction can lead to significant success. The Lions’ recent achievements, reaching the NFC Championship after a long playoff drought, offer optimism for the Texans, who aim to make their mark in the AFC Championship under the leadership of Ryans, Stroud, Slowik, and their revamped team and staff. While making the AFC Championship might be a lofty goal, the experiences of Johnson and the Lions indicate that it is indeed a possibility worth pursuing.

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