May 27, 2024

The Ravens’ challenging start to 2024 took another hit as they officially lost a key component of their success in 2023. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Wednesday that the Seahawks have reached an agreement on a six-year deal with Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald, making him their new head coach.

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This development leaves Baltimore facing a crucial decision regarding their next defensive coordinator. The shoes to fill are significant, given Macdonald’s role in guiding the team to the AFC Championship Game this season. Notably, the Ravens’ defense, under Macdonald’s leadership, played a pivotal role in shutting out the Chiefs in the second half. In 2023, the Ravens’ defense, orchestrated by Macdonald, allowed the fewest points per game (16.5) and led the league in both sacks (60) and takeaways (31).

Macdonald, recognized as a hot head-coaching candidate, drew interest from several teams eagerly awaiting the end of Baltimore’s season to discuss potential opportunities with him. Described by one source as a “defensive Sean McVay,” the 36-year-old coach has garnered considerable attention.

Apart from his defensive prowess, Macdonald has also earned praise from his players. All-Pro safety Kyle Hamilton commended Macdonald’s intelligence, motivational skills, and leadership qualities in an interview with NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe, just an hour before the news of his departure broke.

As the Ravens contemplate Macdonald’s replacement, Ravens defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson emerges as a notable name, according to Schefter. Wilson, a highly sought-after candidate, could potentially step into the role of the next defensive coordinator.

Despite the apparent suitability of Wilson for the position, the Ravens are expected to take the necessary time to ensure that their next defensive coordinator is the right fit to maintain their competitive edge into the upcoming seasons.

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