May 19, 2024

Max Fried discusses the upcoming free agency situation during the Braves Fest, raising a topic likely to be a focal point throughout the season. The Braves ace emphasizes the significance of his approach to the situation, acknowledging the role of his agent as a mediator. Fried and his representatives have undoubtedly deliberated on his value, fair terms, and potential opportunities in the open market following another successful season. Unless the Braves present an acceptable contract offer, Fried seems unlikely to dwell on his next contract frequently, trusting his agent to handle negotiations. His primary focus remains on aiding the Braves in their quest for another World Series victory in 2024.

Max Fried's resolve a reflection of title-winning Braves

As the leader of Atlanta’s pitching staff, Fried finds himself on a familiar path, echoing the situations of past Braves players like Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson, who entered free agency at the end of their respective seasons. The prospect of Fried reaching unrestricted free agency raises doubts about his future in Atlanta beyond the upcoming season. Alex Anthopoulos, known for his value-oriented approach to contract negotiations, has consistently made decisions that benefit the Braves. Departing from this approach would be unwise, and history suggests that it rarely happens.

While the Braves were actively pursuing Aaron Nola during the offseason, reportedly offering him a lucrative six-year contract exceeding $160 million, negotiations with the Phillies led to an extended seven-year deal. This strategic move by the Braves prompts speculation about whether a similar offer could be extended to Fried before the end of the season. Although it might not guarantee a deal, presenting Fried with a comparable offer could provide him with a decision to consider if he envisions a long-term future with Atlanta.

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