May 27, 2024

Potential Veteran Free Agent Quarterbacks the Giants Should Consider This Offseason

The New York Giants face crucial decisions regarding their roster in the upcoming offseason, following a challenging 6-11 season marred by injuries. The team has several positions that require retooling, and while some positions have established starters, there is room for improvement or competition, particularly at the quarterback position.

Despite recently signing Daniel Jones to a four-year, $160 million deal, the Giants are aware of the challenges. Jones missed 11 games this season due to various injuries, and even before his injuries, he struggled on the field. Finishing the shortened season with a 1-5 starting record, Jones recorded his lowest average passing yards per game in his five-year career, falling short by nearly 50 yards.

How many teams has Tyrod Taylor played for? Career timeline for Giants'  well-traveled QB | Sporting News

If the Giants opt to enhance their quarterback position through free agency, there are viable options available. One potential choice is the re-signing of Tyrod Taylor, who served as the team’s backup for the past two seasons. Taylor stepped into the starting role in Week 6 when Jones was sidelined. While his performance was commendable, with a 2-3 record as a starter and a 64.4 completion percentage, Taylor’s injury history, notably a rib cage injury that placed him on IR, raises concerns.

In the event that Tyrod Taylor is not a feasible option, the Giants could explore the possibility of acquiring Ryan Tannehill, currently with the Tennessee Titans. Tannehill is expected to move on as the Titans have secured Will Levis as their primary quarterback. Although Tannehill may choose to re-sign with the Titans as a backup, the Giants could consider him as a compelling candidate. Tannehill boasts a track record of 155 games played, completing 64.3% of his passes (3,063 of 4,764) for 34,881 yards, 216 touchdowns, and just 115 interceptions. With an 81-70 won-loss record as a starter, Tannehill could provide the Giants with a reliable backup option, especially if Daniel Jones’ availability for the start of the 2024 season remains uncertain.

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