May 26, 2024

Michigan might not immediately disclose the replacement for Jim Harbaugh, who recently departed for the NFL, despite having a potential successor in current offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore. Although Moore led the football team as interim coach during Harbaugh’s suspension and is considered the likely successor, official confirmation from the university is expected to take at least a week.

Chargers hire Jim Harbaugh: Los Angeles' new coach returns to NFL after  leading Michigan to national title -

This delay is attributed to a University of Michigan rule mandating that a position of this nature must be publicly posted “for a minimum of seven calendar days prior to being filled.” However, there is a provision for a “Posting Waiver,” allowing the athletic department to request an exception if the legitimate business needs of the unit outweigh the university’s intent to provide notice of employment opportunities. Such a waiver could be justified by the urgency of naming a successor to Harbaugh promptly, maintaining the school’s recruiting position, and presenting a cohesive front during the transition period.

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